Make staying in the loop easy

Take a vacation, sleep easily or have a break
— and always stay informed

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Let professionals and experts do their job instead of trying to catch up.

Chaff is an easy-to-use app for keeping track on what is happening in social media for you and everyone in your organization.

Focus on the essentials and remove the noise from your social media streams.

When you have a break, Chaff provides you with all the important happenings in a clear format.

See what is important now and follow your favorite topics easily.

Chaff discovers the most significant and discussed events and sorts their top content.

Collects streams from different platforms

Summarizes contents of the streams

Alerts you when something noteworthy happens

Prioritizes the content and helps you discover the most popular posts

Arranges streams in an easily digestible form

We created Chaff after encountering dozens of professionals who are struggling to stay in the social media loop while trying to do their job.

They all felt the paradox of spending both too much and too little time with social media. We wanted to help them out.

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